Maverick Singh

An individual with a colorful entertaining personality

who highly believe that Good Music + Good Crowd/Audience = Great Party

Maverick Singh, was born and raised in Singapore. Maverick’s career began under the influence of others and for the love of music.
At the age of 16,  he knew that music was his life. He turned what was only his passion into his sucessful professional career.
Maverick as it defines independent in thought and action, is against the conventional playlist, instead drawing vibes from the crowd and  mixing the music that is right for the moment. Maverick's equation for a Great Party (Good Music + Good Crowd/Audience = Great Party).
Taking the equation further it allows DJ Maverick to be a versatile DJ playing from all eras and most genres.
Maverick  never fails to entices his audience at countless events with his colourful personality.